An example of when a simple message creates a great brand

Lukemia ArticleThe Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s “Someday Is Today” is quite simply a great message aimed at awareness and fundraising for the nonprofit. Three little words that create a clear message and an emotional connection, along with simple graphics, create a visual that builds a strong identity and brand. This article from Associations Now struck me where a fundraising initiative became a rebrand in itself.

It’s not easy to get stakeholders to agree on such a simple campaign, most want to explain the story, or tell the story upfront. But this example reminds us that many times the simple message is the best message. The story should be told, but you have to make the connection first.  Stories of the survivors found on the website resonate with readers and according to the article donations began to take a jump.

The end result is that the strategic positioning of the campaign itself has become the new identity for the organization. At a time when there is more clutter in the marketing world, a simple message can transform not only a small initiative, but can change the entire organization’s brand.