How Does Your Website Homepage Measure Up?

We can’t escape the need to have a good website to reinforce our brand identity and build a great first impression. So what are elements of a brilliant homepage for your website?

  1. First make sure it clearly states who you are and what you do. Everyone that will come to your site will make a quick determination whether you are a fit for them. Did they find the right place and do you have what they need? You only have a few seconds to make this connection.
  2. Make sure your value proposition is compelling. It’s the classic “What’s in it for me” viewpoint from your visitor (and potential client!). Eliminate the fluff and keep it simple
  3. It must be highly usable and easy to navigate. Navigation that is complicated makes the user frustrated, and we all know what frustrated users do . . . go on to the next site. Simple navigation without complicated dropdowns are much easier to navigated than trying complicated navigational trees of links. Also simplicity will add to a friendlier mobile experience, and should be optimized for a mobile device.
  4. Calls-to-action are important. Help your prospects understand what the next logical steps are, whether that is a sign-up form, scheduling a meeting or demo, or simply to “Learn More”. A homepage is designed to get your visitor to dig deeper into the site.
  5. Change is constant. A homepage will not be very effective if you don’t keep them informed on a regular basis with new ideas, products, services or even just industry trends that will help them.
  6. And of course, a great overall design.  This gives your visitor a great first impression. It introduces your culture, builds trust, communicates experience and value, and invites you into the entire site. Simple use of design elements and overall brand identity will help you hit a homerun.